AR-15 Back Plate

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Includes: Back Plate ONLY

Does not include:  Castle nut or receiver end plate.  After market stock castle nuts and receiver end plates are compatible.

FITS: AR-15 with receiver threading of 1- 3/16" - 16

MATERIAL: Billet Aluminum

Process: CNC

Sizes Available:

One size fits all (of our buffer tubes.)  Buy this separate if you would like to be able to interchange between our different lengths or designs of our buffer tubes.  

Finish: Matte Black. Type 3 hard anodized

Legendary weapons designer Stoner had no idea that his design of the AR-15 platform would be one of the most popular rifles ever created.  With this creation came a slew of cheap plastic butt stocks, lacking any real gusto.  With this being a reality we developed a butt kicking butt stock for your AR-15.  Our butt stock is made from billet 6061 aluminum and precision CNC'D on our new 2016 Mori Seiki lathe.  Our black version is type 3 hard anodized in matte black to add even more durability.  Our lightweight yet rigid  platform will give you a solid shot engagement without any wiggle or wobble like the plastic collapsible versions.


*ALL of our butt stock buffer tubes are interchangeable with our back plates.  If you want a variety of lengths to change out you can use the same back plate for all of them*