1911 .45acp BLACK Predator Muzzle Brake and Matching BLACK "The Hive" Grips COMBO

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1911 Compensator and Grip Package

Compensator Details:

Barrel bushing style compensator for Government (5”) barrel 1911 Autos.

Will not fit Commander (4.25”) barrel or Officer/Compact (4” or shorter).

Model: Predator (curved ports)

Finish: Black (Type III Hard Anodizing)

    • Barrel bushing compensator for Colt 1911/1911 clones
    • Fits 5” Government length 1911 Autos with a barrel OD between .577"-581".   The bushing ID. Is .583" +-.0005".
    • Fits calibers up to and including .45 acp. Can fit .38 and 9mm
    • Minor fitting may be required
    • Not compatible with bull barrels. This compensator is not threaded.
    • Suppresses recoil by venting gasses at muzzle and adding weight to the end of your barrel.
    • Adds approx. 1” length to your barrel and weighs 2.35 oz.
    • CNC Machined Billet Hardened, Aerospace grade stainless steel

    Some buyers may need to shorten their spring plug to 1.2” or  use a Commander recoil spring plug.


    Grip Details:

    STYLE: Hive

    FINISH: Black

    FITS: Colt Government (5" barrel) and Commander (4.25" barrel) 1911s and all clones which follow the standard 1911 specs and use standard 1911 magazines (usually 7 or 8 rounds).

    Measurements: The distance between the screw holes, center-to-center is 78 mm or approximately 3 1/16 inches.



    These grips DO NOT feature the recessed cut into the back of the right side grip panel.

    This cut is now optional.  Simply contact us at askteamvalkyrie@gmail.com with your name and order number and request the "ambi safety cut".

    To determine if you need this cut check the backside of your current grips.

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