Valkyrie Dynamics Inc. uses state of the art Haas CNC technology to machine parts from aerospace aluminum and hardened stainless steels. Based in Riverside, CA Valkyrie Dynamics is a leader in manufacturing 1911 parts. Our top sellers are our unique Cobra Skeleton grips and our patent pending Predator™ compensator which provides exceptional recoil reduction. Valkyrie Dynamics strives to provide its customers with the highest quality parts made 100% in the USA. If you are looking for some eye-catching, hand finished accessories to make your 1911 stand out you need look no further than Valkyrie


All of our products are designed and machined by us in Southern California on state of the art CNC equipment.

We are now using a superior, Hardened Stainless Steel!!!!
The heat treating prior to machining eliminates warping that occurs in post heat treatment processes. 
CNC Machined Billet Hardened, Aerospace Grade, Stainless Steel




The Predator Model is an original design (Patent Pending) created exclusively by Valkyrie Dynamics.  The Predator design provides a better recoil reduction than the Punisher model.
Any Seller other than Valkyrie Dynamics is selling a copycat product and we do not guarantee it’s quality.